2019 Speakers & Guest Celebrities


Bio: ​

Hal Shaffer, born the son of Harold and Faye Shaffer in the state of Alabama, has lived a life of adventure from an early age. He took his first buck at the age of 13 in the southern wood of North Carolina.

In 2003 Hal started Carolina Outdoors TV and brought on Ken Cobb as his co-host and for the next five years, they worked their way through rankings and networks to the pinnacle show “Hunting, The World Southern Style.” After having Zippy on a hunt in 2005, Hal and Zip became good friends and now have taken it to the next level with the birth of Team Drop Zone TV a show dedicated to making every town they visit a part of this high energy show!

For More Information:  http://www.dropzonehunting.com/index.php



Greg Camp grew up in Georgia, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. He was an outdoorsman from the start. Hunting was at the heart of his upbringing. Greg began by hunting deer and turkey, taking regular trips out West to hunt elk and mule deer. Then he was invited on his first duck hunt 15 years ago and everything changed. 

Eventually Greg started to seek out every lake, swamp, pond or prairie he had access to in order to practice his new passion. Greg has been a general contractor for the past 20 years and being in that line of business has blessed him with the ability to buy land to keep growing his skills as a waterfowl hunter. Over the years Greg has regularly visited duck-hunting meccas across the country. Eventually waterfowl hunters began to seek him out for advice, input, and recommendations for products and gear.  As he was searching out the best gear he could find and helping fellow duck hunters it finally became time for Greg to create his own brand and products. 

This new passion eventually led to the creation of HALO Waterfowl, which he started with his brother Chase and good friend Brian McCarthy.  Greg is proud that HALO makes American Made products for duck hunters looking for new unique gear that hasn’t been seen on the market in years, bringing back old time tested products with a new feel is his vision. 




Mary Caroline is a pro-staff member of Halo Waterfowl and an avid hunter. Born and raised in the duck capitol of the world in Stuttgart, Arkansas Mary Caroline,”MC” grew up where the economy was sustained on agriculture, farming, and hunting. Contrary to what you see in her photo taken by her hunting buddies, she’s not much on the “huntress” world and actually prefers to remain as just a gal who enjoys good company early in the morning, watching the sunrise in hopes of having some good shooting. Mary Catherine has represented some of the top brands in the industry. After college, she pursued her first job at Mack's Prairie Wings. Since then she has done co-branding with conservation groups Delta Waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited. She has also represented other companies including Natural Gear, Banded Brands, Avery/GHG, John Deere, and War Eagle Boats. She recently moved to Fort Worth TX to step out on a limb and start a business helping outdoor companies convey their brands online. That venture since has turned into a digital marketing business and partnership with a tech company in Austin where they provide every opportunity to succeed in the online marketplace.




Brad Allen began duck hunting with his father at age six. He grew up in the small community of Beedeville, AR where duck hunting is a way of life and the Cache river is in your back yard. His fascination with duck calling began on his first hunt. As he learned to operate a call, he spent many hours listening to live ducks in the field and memorizing their various voices and sounds. This addiction to duck calling was fueled further when he saw his first duck calling competition in 1988. He then began attending the World’s Championship Duck Calling contest in Stuttgart as a spectator on a yearly basis.

Shortly after graduating college with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy, he began competitive calling himself. After several years of honing his calling skills on the competitive circuit, he won his first World’s Championship title in 2010, his second in 2012 and most recently in 2013.

In 2013, he decided it was time to design a hunting call that would fit his calling style and allow him to recreate the mallard duck sounds he had studied throughout his life. From this idea, Elite Duck Calls was born. Every Elite Duck Call is meticulously tuned by Brad himself. The commitment to quality at Elite Duck Calls is simple. The highest quality duck calls are produced without compromise. Brad’s motto and promise to his customers is “If it’s not good enough to hang on my lanyard, it doesn’t go out. Period!”



Bassmaster Angler

More About Michael Iaconelli:             



Tournament History

Total Tournaments:           249 
Classic Appearance:          19    
Classic Wins:                    1
Times in Money:                170
1st Place Finishes:             7
2nd Place Finishes:           6  
3rd Place Finishes:            7 
Top 10 Finishes:               66
Top 20 Finishes:               108

Top 30 Finishes:                128

Total Weight:                    8161lb - 1oz

Career Winnings:              $2,581,205

Hometown: Pittsgrove, New Jersey

Birthdate: June 17, 1972

Family: Becky (wife), Drew, Rylie, Vegas, Estella (children)

Hobbies: Fishing, breakdancing, collecting old ink bottles, gardening, water polo, laser tag, candy making, ghost hunting, civil war reenactment, needlecraft, ham radio, macrame, playing the flute


Bassmaster Angler

More About Ishama Monroe:          


Tournament History

Total Tournaments:           243
Classic Appearance:           10
Classic Wins:                    0
Times in Money:                131
1st Place Finishes:            5
2nd Place Finishes:           1
3rd Place Finishes:           3
Top 10 Finishes:               32
Top 20 Finishes:               55

Top 30 Finishes:                82

Total Weight:                    6849lb - 5oz

Career Winnings:               $1,593,188

Hometown: Hughson, California

Birthdate: June 20, 1974

Family: Hillary, Ryder

Hobbies: Fishing, cooking


Bassmaster Angler


More About John Crews:   

Tournament History

Total Tournaments:           179
Classic Appearance:           11
Classic Wins:                    0
Times in Money:                112
1st Place Finishes:            1
2nd Place Finishes:           0
3rd Place Finishes:           5
Top 10 Finishes:               22
Top 20 Finishes:               43

Top 30 Finishes:                66

Total Weight:                    5424lb - 7oz

Career Winnings:               $1,235,077.31

Born: June 11, 1978 in Richmond, Virginia
Hometown Raised: Jetersville, Virginia
Current Residence: Salem, Virginia
Wife: Sonja (married 5/28/05)
Children: Ivy (daughter), Myah (daughter), Noah (step-son)
Hobbies: Weight Training, Spending Time with Family, Golf, Hunting, Coaching Youth Sports


FLW Angler, Palm Bay, FL


Kenney, a former MotoCross racer, recently had one of his best years to date, finishing eighth in the 2012 Angler of the Year race. Kenney began his career in the Bass Fishing League and has fished his way up to the Tour. His first victory with FLW was in 2002, when he won at Lake Okeechobee. When not fishing in bass tournaments, Kenney enjoys saltwater fishing and hunting.


More About JT Kenney:               

Tournament History

Career Earnings:                         $1,581,983

Career Tournament Wins:            4

Career Top 10 Finishes                45

Total Events Fished:                    261

Cup Appearances                         11

Years as FLW Pro                        17


Bassmaster Angler

More About Cliff Crochet:            



Tournament History

Total Tournaments:           114
Classic Appearance:           4
Classic Wins:                    0
Times in Money:                46
1st Place Finishes:             1 
2nd Place Finishes:           1 
3rd Place Finishes:            1
Top 10 Finishes:               10
Top 20 Finishes:               18

Top 30 Finishes:                25    

Total Weight:                    2943lb - 12oz

Career Winnings:              $503,578

Hometown: Pierre Part, Louisiana

Birthdate: August 1, 1983

Family: Sara (wife), Ben, Lee (children)

Hobbies: Fishing, watching sports, family


Bassmaster Angler


More About Seth Feider:             





Tournament History

Total Tournaments:           58

Classic Appearances:         1

Classic Wins:                    0

Time in Money:                 37

1st Place Finishes:              2

2nd Place Finishes:             2

3rd Places Finishes:            1

Top 10 Finishes:                11

Top 20 Finishes:                21     

Top 30 Finishes:                26

Total Weight:                     905lb - 12oz

Career Winnings:               $345,018


Hometown: New Market,  Minnesota

Birthdate: October 16, 1984

Family: Dayton (wife), Rose (child)

Hobbies: Duck hunting, shed hunting and making lures



Billy Hurt is currently a member of the Ranger Boats Pro Staff and guide on Kentucky Lake.  He began his professional fishing career in 1993 with Bassmasters, qualifying for the Bassmaster Elite Series.  

Billy has also fished FLW tournaments and numerous tournament trails on Kentucky Lake.  He was the Tennessee State champion and Southern Division champion in 1999.

Billy is the original owner and builder of Basstubs by Hurt Promotions fishing tanks.  He has appeared at many fishing and outdoor shows presenting fishing seminars.



I am Capt. Clyde Folse, Owner/GM of The Crappie Psychic, LLC which was created in July of 2014 with my beautiful wife, Janelle, son, Caleb, and daughter, Kamri. I am an avid Crappie fisherman with 25 + years of experience. My Crappie fishing seminars include a lot of information on when to go Crappie fishing, what equipment I use, how to find Crappie, etc. etc. I’ve been featured in the below TV & radio shows:


TV shows:


The Crappie Psychic has also been featured on these radio shows:

  • Louisiana Great Outdoors with Don Dubuc
  • The Bayou Sportsman’s Show with JC Smith and John Michael Eddleman on FOX Sports Radio
  • The Fish Florida Show with Riscalla Stevens


Our products can be seen on our website, thecrappiepsychic.com and our FB page, The Crappie Psychic, LLC.



Two time B.A.S.S. Federation National Champion, Ed Cowan, has been fishing bass tournaments for more than 40 years. A two time B.A.S.S. Master Classic qualifier, Ed has won over 100 events in NJ, NY, PA, MD, DE, VA, FL, VT, CT and NH. In addition to tournament fishing he enjoys tackle craft designing and building custom fishing rods. Ed is also an active

supporter of the USO and the Ike Foundation. Ed will share some of his simple practical techniques that he uses to catch bass anywhere he fishes. Inquiries about custom rods or general information can be directed to edcowan@ptd.net or Ed’s Guide Service on Facebook!


Sportfishing TV Host/Writer/Editor
Host - Hookin' Up with Nick and Mariko; World Fishing Network
Field Editor -Salt Water Sportsman/Guy Harvey Magazine/Outdoor Life/The Fisherman


Nick Honachefsky, former Managing Editor at Salt Water Sportsman, currently holds editorial positions at Saltwater Sportsman, Guy Harvey Magazine, Outdoor Life, The Fisherman, and On the Water Magazine. Honachefsky is Executive Producer and Host of Saltwater Underground, www.saltwaterunderground.com partnered with TackleDirect and TV host of Hookin’ up with Nick and Mariko on the World Fishing Network. Featured as a fishing personality in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, NBC, Discovery Channel and HLN, Honachefsky is also saltwater fishing columnist in NJ’s Courier Post and The Daily Journal and is author of the local best selling books; The Jersey Surf Diaries and The New Jersey Boat Fisherman.  A previous IGFA All Tackle World Record holder, Honachefsky fishes extensively throughout the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and the US, but calls Lavallette along the Jersey Shore his home. whether he is livelining sardines for roosterfish in Nicaragua or dropping clam baits for lowly ling in the Mud Hole, he fishes non stop, 24/7, around the clock. Contact Nick at saltwaterunderground@gmail.com for autographed copies of his books and follow him on Instagram @nickhonachefsky. 


DJ Muller-Surfcaster, author, guide. DJ Muller is an expert surfcaster that travels the east coast extensively in search of large striped bass. He is the author of 4 books on surfcasting with number 5 coming to book shelves next summer. His books included: “The Surfcaster’s Guide to the Striper Coast,” “Striper Strategies,” “Striper Tales,” and “Fishing the Cape Cod Canal.”


He is also a surfcasting guide that works with developing casters, one-on-one or in small groups, as well as running surfcasting trips to great striped bass destination around the northeast. He can be reach by email at: djmull1313@gmail.com


National Elite Pro Team St. Croix Rods/Noted Author/Photographer/Fishing Columnist


Capt Jim Freda is a USCG licensed Captain and co-owner of Shore Catch Guide Service one of the northeast’s premier fly and light tackle charter services. He has been fishing the inshore and offshore waters of the Jersey Shore for over 38 years targeting striped bass, bluefish, false albacore, bluefin and yellowfin tuna, and mahi. Jim is on the National Elite Pro Staff for St. Croix Rods, Spro, Gamakatsu, Avet, Korkers, Aqua Skinz, Tony Maja, TAK Waterman, and Hogy Lures. Jim is a highly respected charter captain, author, seminar speaker, and photographer. As a seminar speaker Jim has been featured as one of the celebrities on the Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series, one of the “Stars of the Show” at the Fly Fishing Show, the Saltwater Expo, and the Canyon Runner seminar series. His book, "Fishing the New Jersey Coast", is a best seller on the market today and has received the “New Jersey Center for the Book Award” as one of the most notable NJ books. He is also co-author of "Saltwater Fishing, A Tactical Approach". Jim writes for Saltwater Sportsman, Big Game Journal, Fly Fisherman, Eastern Fly Fishing, The Fisherman Magazine, On the Water Magazine, and StriperSurf.com. Jim has weekly saltwater fishing columns that appear in The Bergen Record and Coast Star newspapers. Jim has also been a guest speaker at all the Trout Unlimited Clubs in NJ and Pa and a special guest speaker at the Bloomberg Network in NYC. Jim’s favorite fish to target is bluefin tuna getting them up on top by casting to them with topwater stickbaits and poppers. He loves being on the water with his 17 year old son Tommy who is his mate. His home port is Manasquan Inlet, NJ. www.shorecatch.com 732-762-0870.



Butch is the only person in the world to have taken Africa's big five (lion,leopard,Cape buffalo, Rhino & Elephant) with a cross bow. The ultimate African achievement is the dangerous 7. This includes the big 5 plus Nile Crocodile & Hippo. Butch took the Nile crocodile this past August & the Hippo hunt is scheduled for August 2016. This will have been a 13 year quest for Butch & quite possibly never be duplicated.

Seminar Title: Hunting Africa with a Crossbow

Description: Butch will be discussing taking dangerous game as well as plains game



Megastrike Inc is owned by Professional Fisherman and Master Lure Designer Bobby Uhrig. We opened our  doors for business in 2001. After 9 years of research and development the first product developed was Megastrike Fish Attractant- It was the first amino acid based fish attractant and continues to be the in extremely high demand all over the world by both professional and amateur fishermen. In 2006 we developed the Evolution Jig –innovative by design it won BEST NEW LURE AT ICAST 2006. Since then we have developed many new and innovative products that separate us from all of the other lure companies. Where do we come up with the concepts? By filming and studying bass and other fish in their natural environment. Megastrike Fishing Products Are The Leaders In Fishing Tackle Innovation.   www.megastrike.com



Jim has been Turkey Hunting since 1981 has been a member of THE NATIONAL WILD TURKEY FEDERATION since 1985, a Sponsor member from 2000, on the NJ Chapter Board of Directors for11 years and currently serves as V.P. and is Chairman of Shows and Sales. With help of Chapter Members they will present an informal presentation on Turkey Calls and Turkey Hunting.



The "Flounda Pounda" Austin Perilli has written numerous articles covering his backyard waters of Raritan Bay, Jamaica Bay and the New York Bight. Fluke, stripers, 'tog, and ling are among his favorite targets. He runs Guide to Go Guide Service out of Jamaica Bay when he's not in the classroom molding young minds for the NYC Dept. Of Education. Specializing in light tackle fishing for trophy striped bass and doormat fluke.


 CAPTAIN MIKE CORBLIES                                A.F.F.S. Seminar Series


the O.S.G. Fly Fishing Ambassador is a world class teacher and videographer of the sport he has lived for over 50 years. As the International Director of American Fly Fishing Schools he heads an organization of some of the best casting instructors, fly fishing guides and member lodges throughout North America the Caribbean and Central America. Mike works with several sporting goods manufacturers as a consultant in product development, testing and sales. Mike also conducts classes and offers guide services from his saltwater school locations in N.J., S.C. and FL. where he is opening his newest fly fishing & small watercraft shop this year in North Fort Myers. He is a featured speaker and casting instructor at many sportsmen events all across America and Canada every year. Captain Mike fishes and teaches from his Jackson kayaks, Custom Gheenoe flats boats, Pontoon boat, 23' Center Console and escorting trips from some of the World’s largest Cruise Ships and Party Boats for any fish that can be caught on a fly. Learn more about him and the A.F.F.S Organization and programs at www.americanflyfshingschools.com 

 PAUL HEALY                                                      A.F.F.S. Seminar Series


Paul Healy is the owner of the JIM THORPE FISHING COMPANY based in the scenic Pocono Mountains close by his home waters of the Lehigh Rivers. JTFC offers fly fishing and light tackle trips on PA.well-known streams like Penn’s Creek, Pine Creek, Fishing Creek and the Brodhead to name just a few. plus New Jersey streams like the Raritan, Musconetcong and Pequest plus many lake and Jersey Shore. Paul is the “Star” of the upcoming C.G.Productions film “An American Fly Fishing Trout Bum” Paul is a member guide and instructor for AMERICAN FLY FISHING SCHOOLS He is a member of T.U. and other conservation organizations. A Gourmet Camp Cook, Paul is now giving culinary demos at Sportsmen Events. You can contact Paul @www.jimthorpefishingcompany.com to read his blog or through the A.F.F.S. national office for his guided trip bookings, Club seminars and campsite gourmet cooking demos.

 JOHN COLLINS                                                 A.F.F.S. Seminar Series


Better known as J.C. is a lifelong resident Fly Fisherman from N.J. J.C. started trout fishing in the Garden State at about age five. In his twenties he began using a fly rod and hasn’t used a spin rod since then. John actually began tying flies before he became a serious fly fisherman. He started out on his own, tying some simple Estaz Eggs for N.Y. Steelhead and soon moved to imitating insects with instruction from his friend and mentor, George Kolasar. George was a commercial fly tyer, tying flies and dying materials for The Beaverkill Angler in Roscoe NY. George taught John in the “Catskill tradition” of tying, but with all the new materials since those days, J.C. incorporated other methods and has creatively mixed patterns and materials to tie flies for all kinds of gamefish, both fresh and saltwater.

John is always pushing past what came before with his Fly designs, like Ultrawire inserted into Hollow Tubing to create his signature technique for his Nymph patterns. His Sculpin patterns are made up of both unconventional and traditional materials. Some of John’s signature patterns include, JC’s Electric Caddis Larva, JC’s Electric Steelie Stone, Peacock March Brown Dry (Parachute and Traditional), Soft Tail Chenille Sculpin, JC’s Mohawk Sculpin, and Rabbit Tail Chenille Sculpin among several others. John has done an instructional Fly Tying video with Tightlines Productions, and we will be filming him for our FLY ROD TV Productions during this Show, while he creates some magic at the vise.

John is a member of several Fly Fishing Pro Staffs, including, Regal Engineering (Fly Tying Vises), Solarez Products, Anglers Sport Group and other Companies. He has been a member of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild for almost twenty years and has been tying on the Show circuit in the Northeastern United States for several years. John’s motto “Fly’s that catch Fish, Not just Fishermen” and if he comes up with a pattern and it doesn’t produce results, it’s back in the “box” until it does. He does not introduce a fly to the public until it’s proved it’s value in catching fish. The John Collins philosophy about fly tying is the same as his fly fishing, “You will always learn something new for the rest of your life, no matter how long you’ve been at it”. We are proud to have him as a long time friend and a member on the American Fly Fishing Schools list of Top Pro Guides and Instructors for many years.

Stop by and chat with John at the 2018 Garden State Sportsmen Show at The A.F.F.S. Fly Fishing Arts Trailer exhibit. If you are interested in fly Fishing you will be glad you did. John and family live in the peaceful little town of Stewartsville, N.J., where he has made it a bit more well known by his always interesting , “Garage Visitors” photos that he posts on his popular FB Page of what insects are flying around his brook trout, creek side property.

 CHRISTIAN DELCOLLO                                     A.F.F.S. Seminar Series



Christian Del Collo, Founder and President of BATTLEWAGON BOATS 

From an early age, Christian developed a deep passion for power boating and fishing along the southern New Jersey coastline. Over the course of the last thirty years, Christian has perfected his boat building craftsmanship and attention to detail into his BATTLEWAGON Boats that are excellently engineered and award-winning watercraft. Stop by the A.F.F.S. exhibit and talk boat building, South Jersey fishing and waterfowl hunting with him. Learn more about him and BATTLEWAGON Boats @ battlewagonboats.com

 BILL HALDAMAN                                               A.F.F.S. Seminar Series


Bill Haldaman has taught fly casting and fishing in Montana for A.F.F.S. during the past twenty years. Previously Bill was the owner of the well known Big Moore's Run Lodge in Coudersport, PA. The first fly fishing Orvis endorsed Lodge east of the Mississippi River. Bill is one of the three original founders of A.F.F.S. and is a well known and respected fly fishing instructor, specializing in teaching fly fishing the small streams for trophy trout in both the Western and Eastern Mountains of America. These days Bill is busy applying his casting skills to learning the techniques of saltwater flyrodding in South Florida while chasing Redfish to Sailfish aboard his beautiful brand new 24' KEY WEST center console boat or aboard Capt. Mike's flats boat.

 CHIP JABLONSKI                                              A.F.F.S. Seminar Series


Bethlehem, PA. An A.F.F.S.  Fly Guide & Instructor operates WALK ON THE WILD SIDE GUIDE SERVICE in PA., N.J. and N.Y. State for trout and salmon in the traditional walk & wade fashion. Chip likes to specialize in catching huge brown trout from small streams often putting his clients on 10 # plus specimens in the Fall along the Salmon River to 18 Mile Creek, Oak Orchard and many lesser known creeks in Upstate New York. His fly tying skills keep his customers fly boxes well stocked with the most productive patterns many of which he has developed himself like his W worm and Salmon Egg Skein flies. Others are his variations on popular pattern nymphs, dries and wets.  Since Chip likes to turn out flies quickly and efficiently he has settled on using the KNORR production vise as his favorite to work with and Show attendees always enjoy watching him make tiny trout flies with it at a quick pace. 

Be certain to stop by the FLY ARTS TRAILER on Friday evening and all day Saturday to pick up pointers from a great tier and fly fisherman.​

 ALLAN JOHNSON                                               A.F.F.S. Seminar Series


Allan Johnson has been teaching beginners to cast and fly fish for over 30 years. Allan has won four All Around National Championships as a professional caster, including fly accuracy and distance. He was a member of the Professional Casters All American Team for four consecutive years and is an American Casting Association Certified Casting Instructor. Allan an active N.J. member of American Fly Fishing Schools will be presenting casting demonstrations and offering tips at the "SIMUL-CASTING POND".

 RICHARD KING                                                 A.F.F.S. Seminar Series


N.J.A.F.F.S. lead photographer and a true Saltwater Fly Rodding Pioneer on Island Beach State Park and Barnegat Bay, will be our featured fly tier on Friday demonstrating some of his fish catching creations like his Belly Blondes, Silversides, Mullets and his popper versions. Stop by and watch a master turn feathers and steel into Striper, Bluefish, Weakfish, Albie. Perch & Pickrel candy that they find hard to resist. A.F.F.S. will have a display of Richards acclaimed Photography prints that are featured in many books and magazines on display for purchase at the Show. His most recent credits include a chapter on baitfish that he wrote with his photographs for his life long friend Bob Popovich's latest best seller FLYE DESIGNS  plus he has several text sections and photos in the new acclaimed SONNETS IN THE SAND by author which is a beautiful book about the history of Island Beach State Park. Richard will be giving a Seminar Room presentation on his photography and fly fishing at Island Beach. Don't miss it on Friday


 BART LOMBARDO                                              A.F.F.S. Seminar Series


A well respected fly fishermen on N.J. trout waters and a long time member and office holder of several positions at Central Jersey Trout Unlimited Bart has a passion for helping others learn about fly fishing and fly tying. He has fished in Montana to Maine for several species of trout but has always also enjoyed fly fishing for warm water fish species as well as trout and salmon. It is his second love of the less storied species like, sunfish, rock bass, white perch, pickerel, crappie and many other "panfish" that got him to start writing a blog about it, to see what other fly fishermen had to say about their fun with the long rod on the "little guys". 

Barts blog, PANFISH ON THE FLY https://www.panfishonthefly.com/ has taken off like a Turbo Porsche with contributions, stories, video clips, fly tying instruction being contributed from around the planet on a daily basis.   POTF has quickly become the go to source for the subject on the internet. Bart has also started guiding by kayak for these fun and usually cooperative collection of fish that beginner fly fishers can gain experience with and experts can still have a ball catching on the lighter fly tackle. Stop by the A.F.F.S. Fly Tying Arts trailer, kayak and fly casting pond or the T.U. exhibit and meet Bart for some valuable pointers about bluegills to trout. You will be glad you did if you want to get started in fly fishing or even have decades of experience.



I have been doing this work for a lot of years with many demos for the public.

The New Jersey Trappers Association has been in existence since 1961 and is an organization for trappers. NJTA activities include but are not limited to: Providing education to the public on trapping by setting up a booth at sportsman shows, Pequest Trout Hatchery Open House, NJ Wild Outdoors Expo. We also help the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife with trapper education courses and animal damage complaints.

 JOHN PERSON (Game Butchers)


We have been in the meat business for the past 50+ years and in that period of time we have developed our own recipes and delicacies. We provide exceptional service to all hunters, processing game meat to their specifications.



Joe is the current Vice President of the RVTA. He has been in this position for at least five years. He is one of the top finishers in our monthly fishing contests at the reservoir. He has fished the reservoir for over 30 years. His specialty is bait fishing with live shiners or herring and trolling with his homemade spoons, which we will touch on during our presentation.

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60 Minute Class:
Halo Waterfowl CEO Greg Camp and Lime Biscuit Creative CEO Mark Sullivan

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